Benefits you get from using TE3 digital exercise stick:

– It guides you during exercise
– You get real-time data and feedback on your exercise
– You learn how to use your body the right and more efficient way
– You can see the difference between with your right and left side
– You can test yourself and challenge yourself to better results
– Helps with concentration
– Easy to use anywhere
– You can follow your progress
– Your body becomes more balanced and symmetrical, injury prevention, better results

TE3 helps to promote the enhancement of important motion properties.


Mobility means the range of movement of the body joints. Good mobility is the basis for function capacity and performance. Good mobility allows extensive trajectories without hard muscle work because the resistance of tissues is low. Sufficient mobility is also a prerequisite for the right performance technique.


Physical ability is the foundation for all movement. Good movement capabilities help to control body and its movements also in surprising situations. They provide a foundation for learning skills. Movement capabilities are collaboration of sensory, nervous and muscular also ability to move smoothly, quickly and appropriately.


With a modern, lively lifestyle, many people also seek concentration and tranquility from their sports experience. Existing, focused performance improves also results in everyday life as well as in sports.


Coordination ability is the learning and management of whole body movements and movement combinations, which manifests as skill and technique. Good coordination makes it easy to move, speeds up the learning of new technique, and helps repairing it.


Sense of movement means the ability to vary muscle tension and relaxation states, strength, economical movement, and the ability to notice differences between two similar movements. Good sense of movement helps body management.


Balance brings body symmetry. In an imbalance, the other half of the body has to work harder than on the other. In this case, for example, an athlete will not have the optimum strength or desired trajectory. A large imbalance in the body can even cause tension and pain in the body.