Information & Help


1. General Questions:

1.1 Where I can find more information? (video)
1.2 How to start TE3 stick? (video)
1.3 How to connect TE3 stick and TE3 app together? (video)
1.4 Why TE3 stick shut down, when I turn it on? (video)

2. Mobility Testing Stick:

2.1 Important to remember when you do tests! (video)
2.2 How to use Balance Test? (video)
2.3 How to use Rotation Test? (video)
2.4 How to use Bending Test? (video)
2.5 How to use 3 Motion Test? (video)
2.6 How to use Full Motion Test? (video)
2.7 How to use Angel Tilt? (video)
2.8 How to use Angel Rotation? (video)
2.9 How to make Quick Bending Test? (video)
2.10 How to make Quick Rotation Test? (video)
2.11 How to measure hamstring flexibility? (video)
2.12 How to measure side split? (video)
2.13 How to measure acceleration? (video)
2.14 How to do Balance test and improve the result with vibration? (video)
2.15 How to do Rotation test and improve the result with vibration? (video)

3. Mobility Testing / Training Stick:

3.1 Important to remember when you do training! (video)
3.2 How to use Count Tilt? (video)
3.3 How to use Count Rotation? (video)
3.4 How to use Stretch Tilt? (video)
3.5 How to use Stretch Rotation? (video)


4.1 Manual (english, suomi, svenska, deutsch, français, español. PDF.)
4.2 Functions Poster (pdf)
4.3 Mobility Station 1 Poster (pdf)
4.4 Mobility Station 2 Poster (pdf)
4.5 Mobility Station 3 Poster (pdf)
4.6 Mobility Station 4 Poster (pdf)