for guided, focused training and monitoring of development

TE3 MOVE is a great choice for active sport hobbyists and home users. With TE3 Move you can learn to exercise in better and safer positions, so training becomes more efficient – and motivating!

Why TE3 Move?


  • Quides your movement with vibration feedback and gives focus on training
  • Helps you figure out your body mobility and learn to control your body better by vibration feature
  • Warns you if you exceed your optimum range of motion
  • Helps you get started: ready-made, guided exercises and programs
  • Tracks your development in a simple visual way
  • Allows you to export and send the results to the coach and/or therapist: intensify home training
a screenshot of the TE3 MOVE application

a screenshot of the TE3 MOVE application

TE3 in the nuts shell

  • Exercise efficiently and safely
  • Ready-made training programs will help you get started
  • Unique vibrating feature provides focus on exercise and help you to reach your goals
  • Tracks your development easily and sparks new motivation


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