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TE3 digital training stick is for self-guiding, data-driven exercise and rehabilitation

The TE3 digital training stick is a revolutionary and intuitive innovation with built-in sensors and processors for analyzing movement. It is testing and training tool for the optimum range of motion for the body. TE3 vibrating features give immediate feedback during your exercise. It guides you by making your movement more optimal and safer as well as assist your body to function in a controlled and focused manner during every exercise. Furthermore, it is easy to carry and easy to use whether you are a coach, an athlete, therapist, patient or home user.

How does it work?

TE3 uses intelligent measurement technology and unique guiding modes to track and assist your body within its various movements. It guides you to understand the range of motions, increases concentration and provides motivation.

TE3 Digital Training Stick,

  • Indicates exactly where the error occurs in the movement.
  • Guides to correct movement and to achieve an optimal range of motion.
  • Provides immediate feedback by vibrating feature when the stick differs from the ideal movement and/or when the stick is at an undesirable angle or position.
  • Displays some results such as deviation count on the digital screen of the stick
  • Collects data that allows you to monitor more results, to progress and to set new goals for the future development
A screenshot of the TE3 PRO application

a screenshot of the TE3 PRO application

The TE3 is equipped with apps

  • Apps are connected to the TE3 via Bluetooth® low energy (BLE)
  • The data and statistics are displayed on a mobile device in easy-to-understand results.
  • The smart analyzer gathers, measures and visualizes numerical facts from your exercise.*
  • The training library provides an efficient and instructive single movement as well as full exercise programs.
  • The stick functions can be adjusted through apps
*The TE3 Pro Package includes more detailed body-analysis features.